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Switchblade Cheetah - Trash Suckin' High Heeled Scum

The plucky duo who unwontedly calls itself the Switchblade Cheetah consists of drymouth vocalist and drummer Brian Pitt and smoking gun cannabis guitarist Gregory Lee (who is also in charge of playing bone bass and retro keyboards). Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, these two MTV boycott artists came together as a unit after their first band, a cocaine-fueled glam noise trio called Peppermint, was disassembled in a frustrated response to the shallow ''flavor of the month'' pop machine permeating the local venues. The first couple of records released by Switchblade are only available on certain websites like CDBaby. However, I was lucky enough to pick from the mold-covered strawberry fields the boys' latest audio exercise in mass murder, devil worship, and high school angst.
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