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Live Not On Evil - Next Time Nail It Shut

''Based on the album art alone, you could be forgiven for thinking Live Not On Evil is a goth band. The ghostly image on the front, the skulls on the back, and singer Rob Windfelder's Misfits-inspired hairdo - it all kind of fits. Once you actually listen to this album, though, it becomes immediately apparent that this is straight up punk, not goth or even death rock, really. That's a good thing in this case, because this is a great album, packed with tight riffs and just the right blend of moodiness and aggression. Songs like ''Love You To Death'' and ''End of Time'' are hard, fast, and angry, with Windfelder's vocals betraying just enough snottiness to recall Jello Biafra. ''Ghost In the Woods'' and ''The Great Escape'' are slower and darker, with haunting guitar work that hints at metal influences. The most memorable song, though, is the more pop friendly ''Broadway and Fulton,'' whic
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