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Corduroy Clothing

The story of the fabric we today know as corduroy began with a heavy ridged fabric called "fustian" in ancient Egypt. However, it truly found its place in 18th century Manchester, England. This industrial powerhouse needed clothes that could take a beating, and corduroy, with its durability, became the working-class hero. Factory workers donned these ridged trousers and jackets, a symbol of their daily toil. By the 1970s, corduroy transcended its origins, becoming a badge of rebellion, a favorite of artists, musicians, and anyone who dared to challenge fashion norms.

Corduroy's journey reflects the changing role of the working class. Once solely associated with manual labor, it became a symbol of defying expectations. It's a fabric that's seen wars and Woodstock, worn by laborers and rockstars alike. So, next time you see those soft ridges, remember the rich history and the spirit of rebellion woven into every cord. It's more than just a fabric.