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1. Terms and conditions

To ensure consumers rights HepCat AB applies Swedish Consumer Sales Act (Konsumentköpslagen). as well as Swedish Distance Contracts Act (Distansavtalslagen). To place an order you must be 18 years of age or have parental consent. Customer refers to a natural person.

More information about your consumer rights:

2. Ordering

HepCat products can be ordered via or e-mail. Incoming orders will receive confirmation via e-mail.

An order is binding for HepCat AB only after order confirmation is received by the customer.

HepCat AB reserves the right to refuse a customer purchases. All orders are considered binding. If you have placed an order by mistake you must contact us immediately.

3. Prices

Swedish VAT is included in all prices, currently  25% and 6% and is given in Swedish kronor.

Orders outside the EU are exempt from Swedish VAT. Your country's customs authority may instead charge you for local import tax and VAT. These fees will not be covered by HepCat Store.

Prices may change at any given time due to VAT increases and other changes in prices that we cannot control. Shipping fees, COD and /or invoice fees will be added to your order.

4. Payment


Customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Great BritainGermany, Netherlands and Austria can choose to pay with invoice through Klarna. 

Credit Card

We accept Visa and Mastercard. Credit card payments are made through an encrypted dibs payment switch. 

If you prefer, we also have PayPal as an alternative

5. Delivery

We deliver to most places within 1-5 working days. Sometimes it takes longer for your order to reach you. If your parcel is delayed we will contact you. HepCat AB cannot be held responsible the delivery for items that are sold out or out of stock. The freight cost is visible in your basket.

6. Delays

While we are super fast most of the time with our shipping, certain externalities can affect this service. Most delays are caused by an item missing from the stock, in this case you will be notified within a few days and we will try to find a solution together. The other most common issue is of course the post. While these issues are out of our control, we are here to help you. Just give us some heads up if you are encountering a delay and we can try to figure out what happened. Most times, if you are abroad, this is due to the customs process, and there is nothing that can be done to speed that up. We will gladly help with any delay problems, just let us know by sending a mail to

We will do everything we can to get your order to you as fast as possible. The customer is entitled to cancel the purchase if there is an extensive delay in delivery.
Sometimes we are not able to fill your order. There might be an error in our stock or an item may be missing. HepCat AB reserves the right to exclude compensation to the customer in such situations or at delivery delay. However the sum of the missing item will be refunded (or entire order if the customer wishes to then cancel the purchase entirely).

6A. Missing Packages

We understand how frustrating it is to lose a package, and please understand that this is entirely due to the overwhelmed and overworked postal system. We get it, and we are on your side in this to help. If a package goes missing, or is suspected to be stolen, please contact us immediately via email at We will investigate to the full extent of our powers.More often than not, this will result in a reclamation process which can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to complete, so patience is a virtue in this case. In the case of a missing package confirmed by the postal service and approved by reclamation, the customer is entitled to partial or full compensation for the origin shipping costs and product costs. Parcels that are delivered to doorstep, porch,etc, or left with a neighbor and cleared via signature are not our liability, and we take no responsibility for what happens in these cases. If the shipping company can present a collection of goods statement and a successful delivery attempt, we interpret that as a successful delivery. For stolen or missing goods in these instances, the customer needs to take this up with your insurance company and your local authorities as this is out of our responsibility.

7. Shipping

Post Nord 69 SEK (VAT included) for all orders within Sweden. Post Nord shipping to Nordic countries in EU is 130 SEK. Shipping to Nordic countries outside EU is 300 SEK. Shipping to other countries within EU is 150 SEK . Shipping to the rest of the world is 350 SEK. Free shipping within Sweden on orders > 2000 SEK, EU > 3000 SEK and for the rest of the world on orders > 4000 SEK.

There are more country-specific shipping options at checkout that vary according to supply and demand.

Shipping price / Currency (Approximate for currencies except SEK)

Nordic in EU130131210,589123


Outside EU350353228238331

Free shipping on orders above / Currency (Approximate for currencies except SEK)
Sweden2 00020018216013601890
EU3 00030027324020382834
Outside EU4 00040036432027173779



There are several different return scenarios as specified below (8-10). All have in common that you need to attach the receipt, in detail state the reason for the return and send to the following address

For Returns outside the EU please see Point 8C


HepCat AB applies Swedish Distance Contracts Act (Distansköpslagen). This means that you, the customer, is entitled to a 14 day return policy, without specific reason. We, for the sake of the environment, would like to reduce returns, so if you are uncertain on sizing, please get in touch and we would be happy to help you. Mail your measurement requests to with the article number and size in the subject line.


  1.  Fill in the return sheet which comes with your order and place it in the package. Failure to do so incurs delay on your return, and a service fee of 49:- (5 EUR) drawn from your refund. 

  2. Either use the provided return note (the price of which will be deducted from your return based on your region) Or select the shipping method which is easiest for you, and arrange the shipping and payment of the return on your own. Either scenario, you, the customer, are responsible for the arrangements and fees associated with making the return to us.

(Items returned for refund/exchange must be sent back in the same condition as you received them, any discrepancies will be reviewed by us and action taken accordingly. If an item is damaged or comes back in any un-sellable condition, we reserve the right to withhold any or all partial refunds).

By using the return note provided you agree to this cost being reduced from your overall refund. Currently return note rates are as follows: Sweden 99:- / Nordic Countries 149:-  (150 EUR) / EU 199:- (20 EUR)

Tips: Send the items back unused and undamaged in a sturdy and appropriate box (Feel free to tape up and reuse the box we sent you to save some paperboxes! Use your best judgment for selecting how to send an item back to us)

If you are arranging your own return shipment, these addresses must be used, any exceptions will result in delays. 

HepCat Store
Box 1037
SE-221 04 LUND
HepCat Store
Sankt Lars väg 21
SE-222 70 Lund

Using as the receiver e-mail
(Returns sent COD will not be collected).


  1. Place a new order via Klarna (all other payments work as well) and when checking out please enter in your original order number for reference and leave a digital note that this is an exchange noting the original order number, as our customers do not pay for shipping out a new item in cases of exchange.

  2.  When using our return notes you will be charged for this service. Your new order will be treated as an exchange, and your old order, a return, with invoices and refunds corrected accordingly.

  3. Consult section 8A for instructions on how to make a return, and send us the package. Please note that with this method, we will still need to charge you if/when using our own return notes.

8C. Making a return from outside of the European Union

To make a return on an item you must follow the following steps. HepCat AB will not be held liable for import fees and taxes associated with wrongly labeled returns. Any fees will be deducted from your refund or the package will be sent in return back to you from Swedish customs. 

  1. Mark your return as a ‘’Return of previously exported goods’’ (using your tracking number originally sent from us following this statement in parenthesis)

  2. Include as well the Customs ID, this can be acquired from DHL Express via their phone customer service, you give them your tracking number and simply ask for the Customs ID for this shipment

  3. Give ‘’HepCat AB SE556982671101’’ as the receiver of the package

  4. DO not declare any value on the item, and make sure it is appropriately labeled as return of previously exported goods

Failure to follow these steps will incur significant delay and or additional fees and charges deducted from your refund.


HepCat AB applies the Swedish Consumer Sales Act (Konsumentköpslagen) in case of complaints. Thereby we will do our best to replace a defective or damaged product at no extra cost, or provide partial financial compensation in cases approved to be a factory defect, faulty product, or damaged delivery. reclamations and complaints must be reported to us immediately by email before the customer takes any independent action outside of our knowledge on the situation.

9A. Damages incurred during shipping

Remember not to accept a package with visible defects that may have affected the condition of the item you ordered. Best case is to issue a complaint to the Postal service directly at the delivery point and ask them to return the package to HepCat AB and write the reason for returning the package. Send us an e-mail at to inform us about the complaint. In cases of visible damage to packages, the customer must take photos of the damages and shipping label BEFORE opening the package. Once this is done, please open the package and inspect the damages. If the product is damaged, please provide photos of this as well. Report immediately a description of the damages as well as these photos described to us at We will then take this info directly with brands to determine a reasonable compensation for damages.

9B. Reclamations

This same general process applies to products that after time appear to be factory defects or break in a natural way that does not meet the standards and continuity of similar products. Please take pictures of the damages as well as a written report and send it to us via email. We will take it with the brand and according to their advice and recommendations, take appropriate action.

10. withdraw

You have the right to withdraw your purchase within 14 days. Withdraw rights does not include underwear and cosmetics. You pay for the return shipping. For unused items in undamaged original packaging you get the full amount back. Used items will be valued by what a second hand store is willing to pay for them.

11. Parcels that are not collected

If you do not collect your parcel from the post office you will still have to pay shipping costs and the cost of cash on delivery.

The Swedish post office will only keep your package for 14 days. You will be charged a fee of 200 SEK for any package that is not collected, currently 200 SEK.
The fee is charged in arrears. For non-payment requirements are forwarded to a debt collection service.

Personal information

We will take good care of personal details such as name, address, phone numbers and e-mail. We will never sell them or share them with a third party.

13. Reservations

We reserve our right to cancel any order with price or stock errors.

14. Cookies

According to the Electronic Communications Act, which came into force on 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a website notified about cookies. When you visit this website cookies are saved on your computer. These cookies are so-called session cookies and are used to keep track of your log in (if you're logged in) and your shopping cart when you shop. Session cookies are not stored for a longer time on your computer, but disappear when you close your browser.

 If you do not accept cookies, you can set your browser to automatically reject cookies or to notify you if a website uses cookies. If you turn cookies off, you will not be able to shop since the shopping cart and login requires cookies to function. You can look around in the shop without having cookies enabled.