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The Preacher & The Bear - Suburban Island (CD)

´´Elin Piel and Fredrik Pettersson started playing together in 2008. When deciding on their sound their diverse background in music somehow led them into the wonderful world of americana-, folk- and countrymusic. In may of 2009 the Preacher & the Bear had their first show and it was then that Ebbot Lundberg (The Soundtrack of Our Lives) discovered the duos unique dynamic and melodies. Since then the Preacher & the Bear has had a continuous collaboration with Ebbot Lundberg and he is also one of the producers and additional musicians on the album. In spring 2010 Ebbot Lundberg played the Preacher & the Bear on Swedish radio. When asked to describe the band Ebbot Lundberg said that their music sounds like a mix between Nick Drake and early Simon and Garfunkel
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