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J Tex - Neon Signs & Little White Lies (Digipack) - CD
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J Tex - Neon Signs & Little White Lies (Digipack) - CD

HepTown Records

If you hadn't heard J.Tex before, then this album will convert you into a believer-prepare to be baptized in the church of his guitar and voice. Jens is a legend in the making, hailing from Copenhagen, but with roots that grow deep in Detroit. His lyrics, style, and passion for music are little bits and pieces of history in the making, homages to the traditions that are the roots and Americana musical genres. The songs presented here on this album are like constant little reminders that we and the world around us are all works in progress, that with the passage of time, we grow and change, and that there is always room to wonder. Simply put, it's to just go with the flow.

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