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Troggs, The (W/ Members Of R.E.M.) - Athens Andover (RSD2019) - LP

Radiation Records

Athens Andover is The Troggs' 1992 album featuring ¾ of R.E.M. The collaboration came about serendipitously as R.E.M. had been covering The Troggs' "Love Is All Around" during their 1991 tour in support of their classic Out Of Time album, and when The Troggs' found out about it, their manager suggested they work together. With the assistance of R.E.M.'s Bill Berry, Mike Mills and Peter Buck, as well as The dB's Peter Holsapple, who spent a lot of time on the road with R.E.M. as a tour musician, and recorded in Athens, GA, this is The Troggs finest post-'60s album.
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