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II Dead Boys - II Dead Boys (RD2019) - LP


Consouling Sounds. In 2012 these rocker-type-o-guys started recording new songs for their old band. They literally wrote some one hundred songs and swiftly over 2-3 years upon this rusty rock they built their digital church heart felt and clinicly plastic free form poems without rhyme, dead earnest lust for life, not so funny jokes, a misantrophic love for life and people, skilled fuckups. to release a roaring soundtrack of silence for the end of the world as we know it. With members of Future Old People Are Wizards, Elefant, Drums Are For Parades, this band is not new to the scene. But their sound definitely is refreshing! For Record Store Day 2019 they release an first full album, on 9000 Records, a label by Consouling Sounds.
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