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CARNATION,The - Gothenburg Rifle Association - [LP 180g]

Sounds of Subterrania

With their full length debut ”Gothenburg Rifle Association”, the five gentlemen in The Carnation show beyond any doubt that they are capable of writing classy pop tunes that will stand the test of time. Of course, one tends to find loads of references popping up while enjoying the album’s twelve tracks, but the final result is totally The Carnation’s own. The Swedes seems to master many different musical genres, from haunting rock paranoia in the opening track to the straightfoward pop of the single “New sensation”, right down to the mellow nostalgia of dreamy ballad “No other way”. This pared with the fact that the band has three talented vocalists will prevent the listener from ever losing interest. Holding this diverse piece together is strength of the melodies and a very British feel, making the punkier numbers sound more like The Libertines than The Strokes. Which is a good thing
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