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Unkool Hillbillies; The - Evil Times - CD

This is one of those cds which make you happy, make you dance, make you smile and move hips. If you are big fan of hillbilly, don’t be mislead, this cd has nothing to do with hillbilly itself!It says it contains 18 Red Hot Tracks, and they are not lying! It really has 18 tracks! And all of them are brilliant hot swinging stuff; with add of harmonica and piano, slowing down from time to time with some rythm and blues compositions. 13 songs on this recording are originals. Also some “guest-writer” must be mentioned - Darrin Mazzilini, American professonal songwriter, who came to Sweden and was so amazed by the band that under deep impression he created some songs (two of which took place on “Evil Times”) for them.What else, besides the professional work of musicians and pleasant voices of lead singers (Andres and Richard), makes this cd so special? A Girl. Guest (besides the bunch of musicians who were invited to play here and there) singer for whole three songs - Karin Johansson – makes
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