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The Preacher & The Bear - Suburban Island (CD)

''Elin Piel and Fredrik Pettersson started playing together in 2008. When deciding on their sound their diverse background in music somehow led them into the wonderful world of americana-, folk- and countrymusic. In may of 2009 the Preacher & the Bear had their first show and it was then that Ebbot Lundberg (The Soundtrack of Our Lives) discovered the duos unique dynamic and melodies. Since then the Preacher & the Bear has had a continuous collaboration with Ebbot Lundberg and he is also one of the producers and additional musicians on the album. In spring 2010 Ebbot Lundberg played the Preacher & the Bear on Swedish radio. When asked to describe the band Ebbot Lundberg said that their music sounds like a mix between Nick Drake and early Simon and Garfunkel
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