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The Hitchhikers - Intellectual Properties Of The Minimal Mind

Zodiac Killer Records

AND HERE'S HOW THE STORY GOES... It's the end of the century, the world's greatest rock-n-roll band of the era, Long Beach, Ca.'s ''THE HUMPERS'' break up, L.A.'s legendary 90's RAWK-N-ROLL scene is winding down, and the cornerstone of it all, FLIPSIDE MAGAZINE is not far from shutting down it's presses. After a decade of going full tilt with THE HUMPERS, and O.C.'s seminal punks ''THE BLEEDERS'', Bassist MITCH ''TRUCKER'' CARTWRIGHT decides to take a break from touring. For three years he writes music and jams with many friends and musicians. It is out of these sessions that MITCH decides to roll the dice and take a shot of fronting his own band ''THE HITCHHIKERS''. Along with ex-BLEEDERS bandmate guitarist ERIK MAKI and drummer MARTY SMITH, they begin putting together a blistering set of pure, straight up, no-surprise PUNK-RAWK-N-ROLL in the tradition of MITCH's previous bands. Only on
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