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Sweatmaster - Sharp Cut

Bad Afro Records

This rocking and original trio is like a storm of fresh air on the Scandinavian rock scene where nothing compares to Sweatmaster. The music is delivered with guts and cunning twists and turns that separate them from the rest and there is room for a sense of humour in the lyrics too. As the band describes themselves: Sweatmaster is a triangle of hot rhythms trembling hard for the love of rock'n'roll. ''Sharp Cut'' is Sweatmasters long awaited debut album and it was recorded at Redhouse in their hometown Turku and mastered by Jürgen Hendlmeier (The Flaming Sideburns, Thee Ultra Bimboos, Baby Woodrose and many others) at Kick Out The Jams in Helsinki. 12 blistering tracks in less than a half hour is all these newcomers need to overshadow the current ''rock'' scene. Sharp Cut was also released in the UK on Must Destroy.
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