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Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats - Bound To Rock - CD

ILEN Records

Formed in 1987 by Benny & Mats after being influenced by bands such as Stray Cats, Restless, Johnny & the Roccos and others. Started out as a quartett with Tommy Widén and Roger Johansson. Peter joined in after some time as lead singer and then gigs started to roll in. Released ''SNEAKY PETE AND THE COOL CATS'' as a cassette in 1993 and followed it up with CD's ''REFUSE TO LOOSE'' 1995 and ''DO THE BOP'' 1996. During recording sessions for the ''MOTOVATIN''' CD in 1999 Bjorn joined in for some piano on a couple of songs and later on Markus replaced Roger behind the drums. Since the band started to record at ILEN Records they have released CD-single ''PARTY TONIGHT!!!'' 2005 and the album ''KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR'' 2007. Along with this they moved more into writing songs on their own and there are also some recordings to be found on the compilation albums ''ROCK FROM VALLEY COU
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