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Slap Of Reality – Three Lefts Make A Right - CD

Slap of Reality is a Tampa band (Brandon/Clairmel to be precise) that got together around 1987 and were really one of the only local HC bands to actually record at least one LP and get out and tour Internationally. In only 3 or 4 years, they released a demo, 3 7” records, and two full-lengths, “Three Lefts Make A Right” and ''Monkeydust''. They also played a shitpile of shows locally and put together several tours iof the US in the early 90s. Their sound started out as sort of a mix between Cali HC and Northeastern HC on their demo (with the vocalist’s end-of-line accents resembling Ray Cappo), but eventually grew more laid back and melodic, sort of like a cross between Samiam and Descendents I guess. They got a big boost when their second EP, “Time Alone”, was released in 1990 on Pazzafist Records, a fledgling label that Kevin Seconds was running at the time. This record secured a deal with Headhunter/Cargo records, which released “Three Lefts Make A Right”.
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