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Silver - White Diary

Bad Afro Records

Silver from Oslo, Norway have now finally released their long awaited debut album. WHITE DIARY is the clash between rebellious rock'n'roll, mohawk-provoking punk rock and fierce glam rock. Singer Blanco spits out the dark lyrics with blistering intensity and the band play with a strong urge to shake things up. A classic debut album with 10 songs in 35 minutes that brings new life to a worn out genre. The debut EP ''Riot 1-2-3'' was released in November 2001 and was produced by Euroboy of Turbonegro fame and Don Dons from We. Here it became obvious how explosive Silvers glamorous punk rock really was and the title track also appears on WHITE DIARY for a good reason. Silver kept on touring extensively and while still in their early twenties they have more than 300 gigs under their belt including five German tours, stints to Austria, USA, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and they were supporting Turbonegro on their ''Scandinavian Leather Tour'' and played
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