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Redondos - Redondos

The Redondos are made up of Eddie Nichols (Royal Crown Revue), Vicky Tafoya (Vicky Tafoya and The Big Beat), Jimmy Gimelli (Subway to Venus) and Matthew Mazzola (The Kissfits). All of the various group members are in bands that play pretty diverse styles of music-from Swing, Latin, Lounge, Rhythm and Blues, to Ska, Punk, Funk, Blues and Rock. The one thing that these lead singers have in common is their love for vocal group harmony. Just listen to them sing and you know they love this stuff down to the bone. If youve been lucky enough to catch them, you already know the score. If you havent caught them yet, you dont know what youre missing. Things are looking bright for these kids, with a newly recorded CD and talk about taking their show on the road and-possibly overseas. So keep your eyes peeled for The Redondos. See you on the corner, under the streetlight...
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