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NYMF - Nymf (CD)

Transubstans Records

Is a heavy rockband from south Sweden, stationed in the small town of Karlshamn. The band was formed around 2007 by the singer, Niklas Sjöberg (also the singer from ''The Graviators'') And the guitarist, Kristofer Stjernquist. Their music idea was to create a mix of the genres they loved the most - Doom, Stonerrock and Metal. In 2008 NYMF recorded their first demo with Johan Blomström (Kaptain Sun, Spice and the RJ Band, Faith ao). At the Soundpalace studio in Svängsta. They got a very nice review of their demo in the swedish ''CLOSE-UP MAGAZINE and SWEDEN ROCK MAGAZINE'' Thomas Tjäder and Daniel Larsson Addictive Alliance (At the Gates, In Flames, Soilwork, The Haunted etc) have made their first music video Man´s End. And this very demo happened to fall in the tastes of Transubstans Records. NYMF's eagerly awaited debut album will be released 2010-10-10. They will also star for the second time in Close-Up Magazine (#125).
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