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Megatons - Meltdown - LP

Trash Wax

Way, way back around the end of 1982, Boz Boorer guitarist of The Polecats (and later, Morrisey's main man) along with Rockin' Lloyd Tripp (The Vibes, The Bugs, Blubbery Hellbellies, Zip Guns and a very brief stint with The Sting Rays), Gary 'Gaz Voola' Boniface (The Vibes, The Purple Things & Terminal Cheescake) and Bob Martin (The Vibes, Margins Of Sanity) had been playing together as the quasi-mythical MEGATONS...long thought lost, these only known recordings have been restored from the best source available (Many thanks Boz) and what you get is 19 tracks of Primo, Frantic, Rockin' Slop....Trashy as Hell!.....Welcome to the MELTDOWN ! Psychotic Rockabilly at it's best.

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