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Levellers - Green Blade Rising - CD

They might once have been crusties, advocating just one way of life, but it seems as if life has caught up with the Levellers for this release, with its shades of politics and emotion that range well past simple black and white. That gives Green Blade Rising more lyrical breadth than they've managed before, with the result is that it's their best album since Levelling the Land. The rock's a little harder on songs like ''Pretty Target,'' while on ''Come On'' fiddler Jon Sevink still brings the stirring Celtic-isms into play. Still, it just wouldn't be the Levellers if their hearts weren't pinned to their sleeves, and it's good to know they can be more worldly without resorting to cynicism, as they manage with ''Wild as Angels.'' It's interesting, however, that the forthright passion brings the Waterboys to mind. But there's no longer the outright anger of previous years in ''A Chorus Line,''
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