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Wreckers - Angel of Death 7''

HepTown Records

Wreckers debut come as a limited 7'' in red vinyl 500 copys made! On your favourite label - HepTown Records.

Grab it as it's the hottest act in the Scandinavian psychobilly scen during the time. A band that you going to hear and read a lot more about in the future.

Gustaf from “Honken & the Hockeyklubbers” and numerous of rockabilly & punk bands (such as The Partisans, Buckshots), was really into starting the new psycho band. The ex-guitar player of “Campfire Killers”, Matte tagged along with a big smile and Sebastian on slap bass, who where bass player in different Oi & punk bands during the mid 80’s was all into it and got hold of an upright bass from the 40’s in a local church and started slapping. The only one who couldn’t play any instrument, Mika, it was the mic left.

A couple of months later Jouni who’s been playing in a couple of punk bands and also was really into Psychobilly joined as a second guitarist.

The Wreckers have sh
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