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J Tex & the Volunteers - Lost between clouds of tumbleweed & sp

HepTown Records

In 2001 J. Tex founded the band the Volunteers, and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the band has been playing this scene for a few years now and have quite a reputation as a fabulous lifeband. His debut the album Lost between clouds of tumbleweed and space'' was recorded in Sing Sing Studio, produced, arranged and recorded by J.TEX in the summer of 2005.

1. Day By Day
2. Nine Pound Hammer*
3. White Paper Lane
4. What A Bummer
5. Left With Someone Dear...
6. My Kind Of Town
7. Me And Bobby McGee**
8. Bring U Down, Down
9. Sometimes I Feel Like An Angel
10. Tennessee
11. Going Back To Menphis
12. Deep, Deep Valley
13. Good Morning, Mr Railroadman***
14. Baby Tonight

J. Tex & the Volunteers are:

J.Tex - Leadvocal, Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin.
Frank Borgaard - Bass, Banjo, Backing vocal.
Jason Bednard/Jens Jones - Percussion, Drums, Backing vocal.
Peter Knudsen - Lap steel, Guitar
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