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Ettes,the - Look At Life Again Soon - CD

Look At Life Again Soon is the followup to 2006's acclaimed Shake The Dust (Sympathy), and like that album it was produced by White Stripes/Billy Childish pal Liam Watson at the famed Toerag Studios in London. Expect a Phil Spector-worthy wall of sound spiked by more fuzz than a barrelful of Nuggets bands, a fat bottom end that'd make R. Crumb weep with delight, and enough tuff-gal swagger (from singer/guitarist Coco Hames, natch) to make you dive for your vintage Nancy Sinatra, Shangri-La's and Runaways LPs. One moment the Ettes are channelling a distaff vision of the Cramps; the next, they're mud-wrasslin' with the Stones and Pretty Things (guess who wins) and the next they're making with a Ramones-worthy blitzkrieg bop to beat the band.
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