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Dark Shadows - Invisible - MCD

Halb 7 Records

This is the 2nd independent EP release from dark edged punk-noir trio around Brigitte Handley from Sydney , Australia . This record included 5 brand new tracks and a glimpse of what’s ahead with the release of their forthcoming debut album due out 2011. This release sees a more atmospheric and artistic side of the band emerging amidst haunting theremin sounds, keyboards and synthesizers interwoven into the Dark Shadows signature style. Get ready for something different…not only for Punkrockers, Psychobillys or Gothics. The CD-EP comes with full coloured Booklet and all song texts. Limited European edition of 444!! First 44 come as special pack, handnumbered & with killer-spikes for the leather jacket. The Dark Shadows are launching their new EP, ‘Invisible’, with a tour in Europe/Japan October 30th 2010.
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