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Danny & The Cappers - Walk Right In

''DANNY, well known prodigy to the Swedish blues audience has after 2 albums and over 300 gigs with The Young Guns started the jump blues band of his dreams: THE CAPPERS!

He teamed up with some of his favorite musicians and best friends, to form a small Rhythm & Blues combo with a big sound. Already from the start, the band became somewhat of a sweetheart to the members, who during their first rehearsal were so blown away that they just couldnt stop. They surely felt that this was something special, and if not the blisters on their hands gave them away.This band will take you right back to the jumping sound of L.A.`s Central Avenue clubs. So, if youre looking for a band that will make you scream & shout: bring your friends, wear your finest dancing shoes and jump your blues away!

01: She Walks Right In
02: I Keep On Lovin Her
03: Looking For My Baby
04: It's Love Baby
05: If You Don't Care
06: She's G
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