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Cult Of Luna - The Raging River (Ltd. Ed Color Splatter Vinyl) - LP

Red Creek

**Limited Edition Crystal Clear Vinyl with Yellow Blue Splatter**

Cult Of Luna are positively glacial. Epic in sprawl and protracted in their sense of movement, it's as though there are ancient secrets to be found buried in the Swedish band's deep expanse of ice and stone.

However, this doesn't mean that they're cold nor barren. Their music springs from a deep well of feeling, a place further below the ice where the pressure of the Earth shifts structures into new and impossible shapes. 'The Raging River' continues where 2019's 'A Dawn To Fear' left off, with Cult Of Luna in an especially elemental place. Unlike 2013's 'Vertikal I & II', which was constructed atop a machine-like bed of electronica, 'A Dawn To Fear' replaced that project's steely, modernist focus with something more wind-swept and grand in its scope.

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