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Crybabies - Be All Mine - CD

Wolverine Records

What do you get if you mix Country, Rockabilly, and Early R&B with a crazy beat? We like to call it Sex-a-billy-Swing-a-ling! For those of you who don’t know what exactly that is, check out the Cry Babies!!!! With the raw and sexy vocal styles of Rhythm Guitar player, Trinity Sarratt, and Upright Bass Player Luscious Lloyd Clark, the Country Crooning Lead Guitar Player Fearless Bob, and the insane drumming style of Wolfgang Sinhart, you get a sound and sensation which is new and fresh while having one foot firmly planted in the roots of Country and Rock'n'Roll and the other foot kicking out the jams of Early Punkrock in a good old fashoined way. Since 2003 this Berlin based band has blown the top off of various Dance Clubs, Honky Tonks, and Hot Rod Festivals around Europe and left a sweaty path of dancing fiends on their way. With original songs of good love gone bad such as ''Ain't Lovin My Baby Tonight'' and ''Bringing Me Down'', along with
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