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Jykä Sirainen - Should Have Days - Could Have Mades - CD

HepTown Records

Sadness, is something that seems undeniably linked to, and an important element of Country music as a genre. On the same hand, Finland seems like the kind of country that really captivates that kind of melancholia, that sadness, that woe. It's the kind of get home from a rough, no, miserable day-a day that lasts a lifetime-pour a whiskey and drown the hardships down kind of vibe that resonates so well with the underlying tones and melodies of a lot of Nashville's country. It comes as no surprise then to find that some of the most Nashville sounding country we have heard comes from Finland, from the lyrics, stylings, and voice of Jykä Sirainen.

"Now that is country music boy!" - Peanut Montgomery

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