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Billy Joe Winghead - Dark Ride

Zodiac Killer Records

A fresh load of cheap thrills from bible-belt blasphemers Billy Joe Winghead, ''Dark Ride'' is a lurching, disjointed collection of earaches lovingly crafted for those who love noise and hate Jesus, cops and red lights. Haunting theremin work soars over moody guitars, Then it all dives straight back to the sewer with tawdry lyrics over churning grunt-rock. Put two dead cats in identical pillowcases, then run over repeatedly with your car. Leave in your basement for a month. Exhume. If you look in the first pillowcase, you will find two dead cats. In the second one, you will find a copy of ''Dark Ride''. Don't ask us how- IT'S MAGIC!! The only band these guys sound like for even a minute is NYC’s ALICE DONUT. Anyone remember them? Kool shit to get stoned to. They had one previous cd on R.A.F.R RECS. A FEW YEARS BACK. Recommended listening for all freaks.
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