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Alonzo - Vrångvisor (CD)

Ozium Records

Alonzo is yet another fresh Trio band, hailing from Uppsala, Sweden. Released by the quite new and rapidly growing Swedish label Ozium Records. Yes, it's the same label that recently brought the bear-kicking Mamont to the broad daylight! Alonzo's debut album 'Vrångvisor' (roughly translated: songs that are difficult to deal with) delivers six well-placed hammer blows in almost 47 minutes. The lyrics are in Swedish and the music is a solid and thoroughly mixed bag of prehistoric rock á la November and contemporary stoner rock, with a touch of both psych and heavy blues. I do not agree with that these songs are difficult to deal with, but feel that these tracks are quite easy to handle. The main components of the album have to be the neatly nod conditioned 'Andra vägar' (Other ways) and 'Lånad tid' (Borrowed time). But also tracks like 'Krön mig till kung' (Crown Me King) and 'Skammen' (The Disgrace) makes you wanna go bezerk on your neighb
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