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Shoemakers,The – Turn Me On - LP

Wanda Records

There has been such a buzz around THE SHOEMAKERS and I've always liked what I heard when I caught them on comps and on the radio so I was excited to hear this full-length, and yeah, I'll have to add to that buzz already surrounding them because this is a killer piece of punk rock. Tons of energy, great production (by Olivier of GASOLHEADS / HATEPINKS) and killer tunes. They have a very interesting sound that just hits the nail on the head from the get-go. These guys just have it, their sound is instantly classic and it's very recognizable without being a carbon copy of anyone. Very impressive. Their punk rock - molotov style is a mix of HATEPINKS, DEAD BOYS and MANGES .It's fucking excellent. This is a release that makes you pay attention, you will be instantly hooked on THE SHOEMAKERS. Sleeve done by Olivier Gasolheads (BRIEFS, HATEPINKS, AGGRAVATION)
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