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Schleprock - Learning To Fall

People Like You

SoCal punk outfit SCHLEPROCK formed when the LA music scene was in a slump. Looking to change that, vocalist Doug Kane and guitarist Jeff Graham aimed for a strong rock unit in 1989, and within a year Ernie Berru (drums) and Sean Romin (guitarist) made it complete. Several 7'' singles, such as ''Do It All'' and ''Long Time Ago'' were issued on Nemesis in 1991 and the band rollicked right on through countless gigs across North America. At a time grunge was king, SCHLEPROCK released the melodic hardcore ''Propeller'' on Dr. Strange in 1994 and continued to build a name for themselves. Bass player Dean Wilson was added to the lineup in 1995 and SCHLEPROCK's heavy punk snarl got bigger. Warner Bros. took notice and signed the band in 1996. Was SCHLEPROCK on their way to joining the ''alternative'' rock scene alongside Rancid and Green Day? Nah, they were far too nasty for such candy punk, and (America's) Dirty
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