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Loaded Nuns - s/t - CD

Zodiac Killer Records

The Loaded Nuns are really fucking kool. Old skool scumbag punk just the way we like it. Classic Rock magazine said: ''I’m not sure there’s anything to know about the band that the name doesn’t already explain. Take a hunk of 50’s greaser-rock, mush it into a pile of 70’s punk, and you’ve got these freaks. A simple formula for sure, but executed with near-surgical finesse, not unlike the way that fat maniac at the diner down the road makes pancakes. You think you know pancakes until you eat one of his, and then whole new doors of perception are blown right open. Same deal here. They’ve got a debut album on the way from Zodiac Killer records, and they play “damn-near every goddamn weekend”, if you are blessed/cursed enough to live in or around Lexington, KY. If not, well, let’s just wait for today’s Track of the Day to circulate around the world for a week or two, and they’re bound to get snagged as the opening act for some world-hopping band. Coldplay, maybe. Prodigy. Who knows
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