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HISSYFITS - Wish You Were Here.. (7'')

Sounds of Subterrania

After coming together through New York City's Village Voice several years ago to ''just have some fun,'' The Hissyfits have endured and matured into one of their generation's more significant punk-powered, pop-rock prizes. Through line-up changes and music industry mayhem, Hissyfits lead singer and guitarist Holly Jacobs has kept The Hissyfits phenomenon steadily growing with heartfelt anthems of misfortune and fortitude. The Hissyfits' universal themes of utter anguish tempered with pure pop perfection captivate innumerable knowing misfits, scorned lovers, and survivors worldwide. Amazingly, their first 7'' vinyl record wound up in the hands of legendary rock critic Greil Marcus who instantly proclaimed their music ''Pop-When It's Perfect!'' in Interview Magazine, and their first full-length EP, Letters From Frank (Top Quality Rock and Roll), debuted in July 2001 on the CMJ core radio chart at #65, far above more well-known bands
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