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DicE Magazine issue 58

DicE Magazine

You know that one episode of Happy days where Fonzie is all like ''Eeyyyyy someone has given me a stupid 70's ear warmer haircut and a vinyl jacket even though this show is set in the 50s'' and Potsie is all like ''Geez Louise guys the 50s are the greatest and we should all just go to the sock hop and do the lindy hop bop'' and then Ralph Malph pipes up with ''Bite me douche you are retarded'' then Joanie jumps in with ''I heard that Chachi has a big one!'' and then Al from Arnolds ends it with ''Yeh Yeh Yeh Yeh...'' You remember that one? Me too I hate that episode it was shite. What's not shite is the new DicE, Issue 58 in collaboration with our friends in SLC, BOLTS ACTION!
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