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American Trails #10 - Summer 2021 (International Edition)

American Trails

In our 10th issue we find out what's cookin' in Southern Sweden. Yes sir, genuine Swedish-Americana-and my goodness is it awesome. We of course couldn't have an issue without some musical influences, so welcome to the stage a favorite photographer for us, Peter Eriksson. In an 18 page portfolio we dive into his world of portrait photography, highlighting for him some of the most important names and artists in the Americana musical genre. Can you dig it? But wait, there's more! A second full spread portfolio from renowned German photographer Johannes Huwe. Travelling in his vintage Porsche through the dusty back roads of America makes for some truly epic photography. So come on, ride through these pages with us along Highway 61, to Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Green River, Utah, Seattle, Portland. Pretty sweet right? It's a damn good issue.
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