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Car Kulture DeLuxe Magazine issue 38

Car Kulture Deluxe

100 pages! full-size, color and b&w!

On The Cover:
Lovely Caroline Sweet truly sweetens Ken Thurm´s 1932 Ford Pickup up.

Car Kulture DeLuxe continues on in the spirit and style of the early issues. The kulture part of Car Kulture is even more evident. We have nostalgia drag cars, pre-1968 rods, gorgeous seductive DeLuxe Gals pin-ups in every issue, a few bobbers, and great cars: kustoms, hot rods, straight-axle asphalt burners, and more.

There are more artists featured and we delve into more history of various aspects of the car kulture, including drag racing, hot rods, customs, and clubs. Experience more rockabilly and psychobilly band coverage, too, including band interviews in addition to the CD reviews.

Deuce Truck with an indy connection - The ´32 Ford is one big reason the hot rod scene has evolved

FEATURES:- Portland Swap
- Let´s Talk About Strippers!
- The Scarlet Deuce
- March Meet 2009
- Winfiel
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