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Car Kulture DeLuxe Magazine issue 17

Car Kulture Deluxe

82 pages, full-size, color and b&w.

Issue 17 featuring an Interview with Rev. Horton Heat, ''Leadslinger'' Bill Hines, Billy Lane's Bear Claw Tech, Keith Weesner Poster Pull Out, and more!

Cover Stories:
- Collin Surbert's '36 Ford
- Billy F. Gibbons, interviewed by Melinda Miles

- Surrey Street Rodders' Wheels Day
- The Bigfoot Lodge
- Heads Up For Bottrop
- Vantastic
- Dayna Delux interview
- How-To: Lead-free solder
- Rocco and Cheaters
- Bless Those Cars and Bless Me, Too!

Car Features:
- No, It's Not A Merc, It's a Hudson
- Melidossian's Melodious '34
- Crazy Japanese Tudor

Art Features:
- Jeral Tidwell
- The art of Skratch
- Tim Twelves
- Tick One

Deluxe Gals:
- Jaacqui Valentine
- Vienna La Rouge
- Thrill Kitten
- Paige Richards & Miss Tayva

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