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Car Kulture DeLuxe Magazine issue 34

Car Kulture Deluxe

100 pages! full-size, color and b&w!

Salute to Bob Haas - We've got the exclusive story on Todd Hass' '57 Chevy gasser built by Jimmy Shine

Dirty Dozen Tech - 12 Ways To Screw Up A Perfectly Good Wiring Harness
Mooneyes Japan - We Had A Blast At The 17th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod And Kustom Show
Joe's Garage - The Mere Mention Of Joe MacPherson Collection Makes Our Hearts Skip A Beat
Retro-A-Go-Go - This Kustom Kulture Company Has Been Blazing A Custom Trail In Detroit
Shootout On Brand Boulevard - Some Races Stay In Your Mind Forever
On The Road In Japan - Take A Spin Around The Land Of The Rising Sun In Toshi's '26 Ford
Swingomatic - Meet The Kins Of Instrumental Rock And Surf Music, The Del Rays
Getting Started - Here Is Everything You'll Need To Know To Wire An In-Dash Starter Button
Voodoo Larry Kustoms Open House - It's Always A Goood Time At Larry's In Schaumburg, I
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