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Car Kulture DeLuxe Magazine issue 33

Car Kulture Deluxe

100 pages! full-size, color and b&w!

- Cisco's ´51 Mercury - Among The Finer Of Life, Include A Fine Merc Custom

Mooneyes Xmas Party - For Rodders In So Cal, Mooneyes is Xmas Tradition
Tech - Follow Along As The Daytona Beach Street Rods CC Give A '36 Ford Bitchin' New Floor
California Hot Rod Reunion - This Was The 17th Year Of The Reunion At The Historic Track Known Simply As ''Bakersfield''
Kustom Kills And Hot Rod Thrills In Brooklyn - We Joined The Rumblers CC In NYC For This Killer Show
Old Skool Heaven In North Fond Du Lac - Take A Tour Of This Wisconsin Shop, But Watch Your Step
Hot Rods & Hills II - This Is A Rolling Show That Takes Place In The UK's Lake District National Park
Rock And Race At Dragway 42 - Persistence Paid Of For This Rockin' Show Held In Salem, Ohio
Lead East Kustom Heaven - The ''World's Biggest '50s Party'' Held In Persi
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