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Lowside Magazine 07

Lowside Magazine

You ever hear that song ''Salt Shaker'' by the Yin Yang Twins? Its a pretty old song, from like the early two thousands or something. Anyway, in the song, Lil John says something about skeeting so much they call him Billy Ocean. Now I'm familiar with what skeet is but what the hell does it have to do with Billy Ocean, the Caribbean Queen guy. Was that like his thing? Or is it purely based on the fact that his last name is Ocean. Ya know, Ocean, Large body of water/liquid. Thats really my best guess, but if you can shed any light on this email me your opinion to Tim@lowsidesyn.com. So recently I built this bike for a dude and man it runs and looks awesome. One of those bikes that you really wish you had for a daily rider. But then comes the worst part, letting go. You ever have that problem? Its like one of your children after you've put so much time and effort into getting the bike finished. Then before you know it, the bike is sold and gone out of your life. I
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