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Jitter-Bal with Steve & Heidi - Spins & Turns

JitterBal Spins & Turns Instructional DVD

You can learn to Swing Dance in the privacy of your own home with...

2005 National Jitterbug Champions
2005 International Bal-Swing Champions
2003 California Balboa Champions

Steve & Heidi!

All of our great secrets for spinning and fantastic turns for the leads and follows.

01 Cuddle
02 Cuddle with Double Turn
03 Pop Turn
04 Inside Outside Inside Reverse
05 Inside Outside Inside Double Reverse
06 Step Across Arm Catch
07 Egg Beaters with Reverse
08 Apache to Apache
09 Apache to Apache Dameron Variation
10 Dramatic Pause
11 Diva Turns
12 Secrets to Multiple Turns
13 Multiple Turns Leads & Followers
14 Under Arm Elbow Catch
15 Demonstration to Music

... with alternate angles, ineractive menus, bonus material and on screen counting so you can finally figure out what these guys are really doing!
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