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Frantic Flintstones - Well gone in Europe - DVD

Raucous Records

The first ever Frantic Flintstones DVD with the long-standing Psychobilly stalwarts filmed live in France, Germany and Switzerland. Catch a live taster of one of the Psychobilly scene´s most creative and productive bands - The Frantic Flintstones!

´Zone 0´ - Worldwide Play.

Live In Paris, France:
1. What the hell
2. Alley cat king
3. Hot head baby
4. Smack smack
5. Burned and turned
6. Shake your money maker
7. Hammer
8. Shake a bone Capone
9. Hellfire
10. West of London
11. Enjoy yourself
12. Endless sleep
13. Jimmy Jazz

Live In Spenge, Germany:
14. What the hell
15. Rockin´ bones
16. Alley cat king
17. Hot head baby
18. Burned and turned
19. Jimmy Jazz
20. Shake your money maker
21.J ust because
22. Shake a bone Capone
23. Gone
24. Drugs in the valley
25. West of London
26. Alley cat king

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