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Fleurs De Bagne

Fleurs de Bagne French Workwear

Fleurs de Bagne philosophy is to produce and offer customers quality, robust, durable and history-laden clothing... Literally meaning Flowers, this brand’s namesake comes from the famous inmate tattoos of Bagne Prison, France.

Inspiration is drawn from the civilian and military clothing of yesteryear, with a hint of prison fashion, which is reworked with new materials and more contemporary cuts.

Research is based, essentially, on historical facts of the "MILIEU", the history of pre-war French tattooing, songs and clichés of the shallows, military accounts and other historical facts of the navy...Thus, you will find in each garment a FLEURS OF BAGNE a story. The one of the "True” of “The Real"... A story that was written in pain and respect.

Fleurs De Bagne