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CTH Ericson

CTH mini

CTH is a distinguished heritage company, already in year 1885 the founder Carl Theodor Ericson established a hat and cap store that is the direct origin of the current business.

In the early 1900s CTH expanded its business from simply having the store to start making his own hats and caps. The business grew and in the 1950s the number of employees was 230 people. At the time, CTH was the largest workplace for women in Borlänge. Even today, we hear many stories of grandmothers and aunts who have been involved and contributed to CTH's history.

Today, more than 125 years later, we continue to deliver caps and hats to the Swedish people. The difference then from now is that CTH's caps now also can be found, in the major parts of Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States. We hope that Carl Theodor would be proud!