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Freenote Cloth - Riders Jacket Waxed Canvas - Tobacco

Freenote Cloth

This aint your run of the mill jacket, no this here is something truly special. Like everything that comes from Freenote Cloth, this piece is no exception. From the materials used, to the construction, the jacket is absolutely solid. The 10oz. Martexin waxed canvas and its already stunning patina will be sure to captivate onlookers, all the while shielding you from the elements. The soft native inner lining in a stunning rust red harkens to the West, the open vistas, and the ranch-- keeping you warm and inspiring you at every turn. We fell in love with this jacket late at night watching a tv show, Yellowstone. We had to get our hands on this piece, and it is even better that when, in real life, you hold it and put it on, that it instantly captures exactly the elements of that show, the brutality of being a rancher and needing something tough to make it out in the rough.
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