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Live Not On Evil - Next Time Nail It Shut

´´Based on the album art alone, you could be forgiven for thinking Live Not On Evil is a goth band. The ghostly image on the front, the skulls on the back, and singer Rob Windfelder´s Misfits-inspired hairdo - it all kind of fits. Once you actually listen to this album, though, it becomes immediately apparent that this is straight up punk, not goth or even death rock, really. That´s a good thing in this case, because this is a great album, packed with tight riffs and just the right blend of moodiness and aggression. Songs like ´´Love You To Death´´ and ´´End of Time´´ are hard, fast, and angry, with Windfelder´s vocals betraying just enough snottiness to recall Jello Biafra. ´´Ghost In the Woods´´ and ´´The Great Escape´´ are slower and darker, with haunting guitar work that hints at metal influences. The most memorable song, though, is the more pop friendly ´´Broadway and Fulton,´´ whic
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