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Kormákur & Skjöldur

kormákur & skjöldur

Founded 26 years ago by friends Kormákur (drummer) and Skjöldur (chef), Kormákur & Skjöldur has evolved from a humble beginning of affording New Year's Eve dinners to becoming Iceland's premier destination for menswear. With a passion for heritage menswear infused with a Nordic twist, alongside lead designer Gunni Hilmarsson, the brand prioritizes quality in both fabrics and fit. Gunni, with a background in renowned fashion brands and industry associations, brings a wealth of expertise to the team. With five retail stores across Iceland, Kormákur & Skjöldur is dedicated to crafting enduring garments of exceptional quality. Partnering exclusively with trusted suppliers, many of whom have been collaborators for over two decades, the brand ensures sustainable practices and minimal wastage through small-batch production and style continuity between seasons. Embracing the ethos of slow fashion, Kormákur & Skjöldur believes in responsible production methods for a sustainable future.

Marking a milestone, Kormákur & Skjöldur proudly introduces high-quality tweed fabric crafted from Icelandic wool, a feat not achieved in nearly half a century. Through diligent efforts, the brand has revived the unique Icelandic Tweed brand, sourcing wool from across Iceland and collaborating with esteemed European mills to ensure sustainability and quality at every step. True to the Tweed heritage yet reflective of Nordic values, the Tweed fabrics stand as a testament to Kormákur & Skjöldur's commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

Central to their ethos is the Icelandic leader-sheep, a breed steeped in history and resilience. Forystufé, as they are known, possess unique traits, embodying the spirit of the Icelandic landscape. Kormákur & Skjöldur celebrates this heritage by crafting a special Forystufé tweed product line, symbolizing the journey home and the enduring connection to Icelandic roots.