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HepCat Höganäs

HepCat Höganäs

Timeless quality clothing & lifestyle products in Salthallarna

With a focus on timeless quality clothing and lifestyle products, HepCat Store was established in Lund in 1999. With the same focus, a second store was opened in Salthallarna, Höganäs, on April 14th, 2022.

In Höganäs, we have a limited and carefully selected range of timeless and stylish clothes, jeans, shoes, hats, caps, and accessories from brands such as Freenote Cloth, Indigofera, Red Wing, Stetson, Vissla, American Optics, and Brixton. We also offer lifestyle, outdoor living, and home decor products from brands like Pendleton, Yeti, and Barebones Living.

Check out the products we brought from HepCat Store to HepCat Höganäs.


HepCat Höganäs
in Salthallarna
Bruksgatan 36K, Höganäs


Monday - Tuesday: 11-18
Wednesday - Friday: 11-18
Saturday: 11-17
Sunday: 11-17


After August 13th closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


On April 14, 2022, Salthallarna opens in a magasin 36 premises in the middle of Höganäs. Among the old kilns, in what was once the residence of the old Höganäs Saltglazer, Salthallarna opens a unique and creative collection of restaurants, shopping bakery, patisserie. pottery and of course a HepCat Store a.k.a. HepCat Höganäs.