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Indigofera Jeans

indigofera Jeans Total Desert Fall 2023

Indigofera Prima Jeans, is a high quality denim brand, that creates jeans, shirt and accessories. Indigofera is inspired by the 1950’s and 1960’s denim industry, which was all about respect for long lasting garments.

Indigofera jeans and denim, age in a very unique way. It takes the form of the lives of it’s carrier, therefor you’ll never be able two find two pair of Indigofera jeans that are exactly alike.

Indigofera is all about heritage with a modern twist. In the spring of 2017 they created a limited edition clothing line with country singer, Israel Nash. This collection entailed denim jeans, shirts and accessories and is called Indigofera x Nash.

Indigofera is a Swedish denim brand, founded in 2007 by Mats Anderson, in Stockholm. They produce all their jeans and clothing in European factories and the denim fabric is produced in mills in either Japan, USA or Europe.